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Voices Along The Way

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Professor: Skubikowski

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  3. this course was a good introduction for international students. it does get a bit boring at times. it was good to do many different assignments like making a video, orals, essays and the readings. Prof. Skubikowski is very understanding and patient.
  4. Prof Skubikowski is a very nice person. Although she makes the class quite boring by not even touching "interseting discussion topics" as Hector used to do... but I would recomend this class to anyone who wants to spend all his free writing research papers
  5. Good intro transition class for international students. Take it !
  6. I'm you have a great love for literature, if you are an international, and if you love discussion, this course best suits you.
  7. Prof. Skubikowski is a very good teacher. She is nice and is fond of international students. She is also a good writer herself though sometimes she can be a bit forceful when she wants you to edit your essay in her way. If you want to solidify your writing skills, has a love for short stories, and are ready to explore the beginning of your American Experience, this class is for you. If you like creative writing, want to produce literature in different forms and style, or just have too much creativity to unleash, you might consider taking another First Year Seminar. The structured research essays in a way curb my writing originality. That said, if you work very hard on your essays and really try to revise them bit by bit, you will get a well-deserved A. The atmosphere of this class is excellent. You will definitely become good friends with your classmates. Take this class!

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