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Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction

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Professor: Cohen

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  1. The best class I've taken at Midd. Cohen's insightful remarks and mind-blowing analyses of writing styles, coupled with the openness of a workshop style class makes for the ideal combination a Creative Writing class needs. It's just a fiction workshop, which I loved, but that might not be what everyone is looking for. The workload is erratic and it only becomes tight when your story is due. But a very laid-back atmosphere where everyone is actively engaging with each other's stories because of a desire to write better rather than get a better grade made this class for me. Cohen is the man. Don't pass this up.
  2. No Comment
  3. I really like Cohen, but he's like the least warm and fuzzy person possible, which isn't what you'd expect from a creative writing teacher. You write only short stories in the class, and because you workshop 2 per class period, you are only required to write 3 and 1 for the final. This means that the workload is super light when your story isn't coming up. I learned a lot, I'd say, although I wish I had some idea of what grade I'm going to get.
  4. Absolutely brilliant. Insightful, instinctive, liberal, thought-provoking. Brilliant.
  5. It doesn't get any better than this class for writing workshops. Cohen is excellent in every respect, including his seeming disorganization. there is no syllabus, and besides reading a few short stories per week, everything we cover is based around student work. His class closing sermons are jaw dropping. Don't pass this up!
  6. Cohen's the man. Hilarious class commentary, excellent insights. A very cool class, differently formatted from other classes you'll take at Midd.
  7. This class is the best class I've ever taken. Professor Cohen is amazing - funny and encouraging. At first I was alarmed that we were only writing short stories but this turned out fine. The class had a great atmosphere as we shared our work - people were honest and their criticism was constructive.

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