Mountain Fresh Cleaners

(802) 388-2842

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Sick of the long wait to do your laundry at Middlebury? Go to Mountain Fresh Cleaners and visit Don and Pat! You won’t have to worry about a wait – you can come in any time, drop off your laundry, and get on with your day. Come back later to pick up everything conveniently folded and waiting for you. Ideally located in the Shaw’s Plaza, Mountain Fresh Cleaners is an easy solution to all of your laundry troubles and valuable time!

With your Middkid card, for everything $50 you cumulatively spend, you get $8 off your next load! (Minimum $10 load.) Drop your laundry off and come back after class to pick up your clean and dry clothes. Remember, Mountain Fresh Cleaners also does your Dry Cleaning!

Mountain Fresh Cleaners have proudly been supporting the college for over 10 years as they have annually partnered with Middlebury Wash and Carry . Through this service, your laundry is picked up at your door, washed, folded, and delivered back to you before the end of the day! For more information about this program please visit