Alumni: Seth Mukai '98.5, Account Executive

Seth Mukai ‘98.5 is now an Account Executive for Peral Izumi in Colorado. Just because you’re in the “real world” doesn’t mean you can’t ski!

What did you study at Middlebury and what have you done since you left?
I was a Classical Studies major, ‘98.5. I moved west to Colorado and bummed around here until I found a job about a month later.

What did you learn at Middlebury that impacted your professional experience the most?
The greatest skill you can pick up at Middlebury is the art of learning. If you can quickly pick up a foreign skill set and put it to use, you are set. Take GIS while at Midd. While this may be the hardest class offered, Bob Churchill will easily make the a difference in your life down the road. You may never use the programs again but you will be taught how to learn, understand, and apply a difficult skill.

If you were to offer a few words of wisdom to a Middlebury student aspiring to enter your field, what would they be?
1. Never lose the desire to learn and let your employer know this. If you are always looking for new information, your employer will notice this and know that you want to move ahead in your job.
2. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. I did 2 months in the warehouse working before I moved to sales. This gave me a very good understanding of how the company operated. It also gave me connections that are very willing to help me out because they know me and worked with me.
3. Make a commitment to a career that will facilitate the lifestyle you want to live.