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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to become a sponsor? Review our most frequently asked questions section to find out more about what it means to be a Middkid sponsor.

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When can I join as a sponsor?
We update our partner list every summer.

When do students sign up for the card?
Students mostly sign up at the beginning of the year. However, we’re constantly getting students, even during the summer. We also get a lot of new signups when the Febs arrive each spring. (Middlebury allows a small group of about 100 students to start their college careers in February instead of September.)

My budget’s tight at the moment. Is it possible to pay in installments?
Usually not. Only in special circumstances do we offer that as an option.

How many students do you reach?
Our social media (Facebook & Twitter) reach about 400, our email list has about 1,500, and virtually every student has a copy of the Middkid Card. But best of all, our website averages over 500,000 page views per year, and the average time on the site is 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

Do I have to use the same coupon for the whole year?
We understand that your business is constantly growing. After 13 years connecting businesses and students, we’ve found that the best balance between being consistent and being new & fresh is updating your coupon once per semester. That’s four times per year. Don’t forget – you can share special deals at any time through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Why do students use your site?
First, because Middkid has established a reputation of connecting students with businesses for over 13 years. Second, because we are the one and only place to get class reviews, so every Middlebury student chooses every class with our site.

What’s the difference between advertising with radio or newspaper and advertising with
Radio and newspaper advertising won’t hurt, but the thing is that they’re both temporary. Newspapers get tossed in the trash. Radio stations get changed. But the internet is always there. And if you want to reach students, you have to know that the internet is the best way to get to them.

Do you do anything else besides putting up profiles of businesses?
Yes! We also make one-page websites, such as this one for Middlebury A&W. We do quality work for an incredibly affordable price. Businesses consistently find that the combination of their own website and a prime spot on gets them a big boost. It’s a powerful one-two punch.

How many students go to Middlebury?
About 2,500 undergraduates attend Middlebury College.

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