Dirt Road Biking

Biking in Vermont is a fantastic way to see the picturesque rolling green farmland
and the renowned seasonal foliage.  There are many loops to explore not
to mention numerous out-and-back rides through this gorgeous area.  People
flock to the area, especially during the leaf-peeping season, to ride the
solemn country roads. This section offers rides on dirt roads with varying
degrees of physical demands.


Around Snake Mountain:
23 miles
Breadloaf to Lincoln:
15 miles one way
Ripton to Goshen (USFS 32):
17 miles
Ripton to Lincoln:
10.5 miles one way
Around Lake Dunmore:
12 miles

Around Snake Mountain

Length: 23 miles

From campus go out Route 23 (Weybridge St.) across from Twilight Hall. Continue
on Route. 23 to Prunier Rd, which is a dirt road, 1.2 miles past Weybridge
Hill. Just after crossing Lemon Fair River, turn left onto Mountain Rd. to
begin the clockwise loop around Snake Mountain. Turn right on Mountain Rd.
Extension to connect again to a different Mountain Rd. Turn right again and
follow along the base of the mountain until reaching Route 17. Take another
right and follow to Route 23 where you turn right yet again. Follow 23 back
to campus.

Ripton to Goshen (USFS 32)

Length: 17 miles

This route is very straightforward. Simply ride south on USFS road 32 all the
way to Goshen. The road undulates with interspersed views. Half way to Goshen
you pass by the Blueberry Inn. Return by the same route.

Directions: From town drive south on Route 7 about four miles to Route 125.
Turn east (left) and follow through East Middlebury to Ripton. One mile past
the Ripton Country store, USFS road 32 is on the right. The mileage starts
here. Park either in Ripton and ride to the forest service road or park off
the side of road 32.

Around Lake Dunmore

Length: 12 miles

The majority of this ride is on paved road, but a short section is gravel.
The ride follows the road clockwise around the lake for seven miles. Beware
of the narrow road as cars pass. At the far south end of the lake, make a
right sharp turn onto Fern Lake Road. Turn right again one mile later onto
West Shore Road. This is the short gravel section. A short stint after the
gravel road is Rogers Road from which you turn right onto West Shore Road
and return to Kempersville.

Directions: Start in Kempersvillle which is reached from Middlebury by traveling
south on Route 7 about 6 miles to Route 53 where signs indicate a left turn
to lake Dunmore. Park in Kempersville.

Breadloaf to Lincoln

Length: 15 miles one way

Follow road 59 until turning north (right) on USFS road 54. This is known as
the Natural Turnpike. Pass through South Lincoln then turn left on Main Rd.
into Lincoln. Return as you came or the alternative is to return via the reverse
of the next ride, Ripton to Lincoln.

Directions: Start at Middlebury’s Breadloaf campus by continuing past
Ripton on Route 125 (see directions above). Just before the campus, USFS road
59 is marked on  the left. The ride begins here.

Ripton to Lincoln

Length: 10.5 miles one way

From the store turn north (left) off of 125 onto Lincoln Rd., which turns to
a dirt road after 1.5 miles.  The route is simple, just follow this road.
The road climbs, then levels before dropping into South Lincoln. See above
to get to Lincoln.

Directions: Starting at the Ripton Country Store (see directions for Ripton
to Goshen ride).