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[DANC 0160] Introduction to Dance

[DANC 0163] From Africa to the Americas: Moving from Our Core

[DANC 0260] Advanced Beginning Dance I

[DANC 0261] Advanced Beginning Dance II

[DANC 0261] Intermediate/Advanced Dance II

[DANC 0279] Movement and Intentionality for the Stage

[DANC 0283] Social Dance & Popular Culture

[DANC 0376] Anatomy and Kinesiology

[DANC 0377] Nature & Creativity

[DANC 0380] Dance Company

[DANC 0380] Dance Company of Middlebury

[DANC 0400] Special Topics in Dance: Independent Study

[DANC 0460] Intermediate/Advanced Dance III

[DANC 0461] Performance Improvisation

[DANC 0700] Independent Project

[DANC/FMMC 0361] Movement and Media

[DANC/GSFS 0285] Ethics, Aesthetics, and the Moving Body

[DANC/RELI 0242] Dance and Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context

[ENVS/DANC 0277] Body and Earth