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[DANC/RELI 0242] Dance and Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context

[RELI 0101] Intro to Western Religious Life and Thought

[RELI 0110] Introduction to Western Religion

[RELI 0120] Asian Religious Classics

[RELI 0120] Eastern Religion

[RELI 0130] The Christian Tradition

[RELI 0130] The Christian Tradition

[RELI 0140] Hindu Traditions of India

[RELI 0150] Islamic Tradition

[RELI 0155] Islam in America

[RELI 0160] The Jewish Tradition

[RELI 0165] Culture of the Jews

[RELI 0170] Religion in America

[RELI 0180] Introduction to Biblical Literature


[RELI 0185] Art and the Bible

[RELI 0190] Introduction to Religious Ethics

[RELI 0190] Introduction to Ethics: Right Living in a Complex World

[RELI 0220] Buddhist Tradition in India

[RELI 0222] Tantric Tradition

[RELI 0224] Tibetan Buddhism

[RELI 0225] Chinese Religions

[RELI 0226] Modern Chinese Religions

[RELI 0227] The Taoist Tradition

[RELI 0228] Japanese Religions

[RELI 0230] Medieval Intellectuals

[RELI 0234] Christianity and Empire

[RELI 0236] The Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church

[RELI 0238] Literature and The Mystical Experience

[RELI 0238] The Catholic Tradition

[RELI 0255] Islam in the Modern World

[RELI 0257] Shi’a Islam

[RELI 0257] Shi’ism Origins and Practice

[RELI 0258] The Qur’an

[RELI 0271] Puritans & Cultured Dispisers

[RELI 0275] Separation of Church and State

[RELI 0279] The Bible & American Literature

[RELI 0280] Studies in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

[RELI 0281] Studies in the New Testament

[RELI 0287] Greco-Roman Religions

[RELI 0289] Mediterranean World, 400-1600

[RELI 0290] Women’s Religious Life and Thought

[RELI 0291] Modern Neo-Paganism

[RELI 0293] Religion and Bioethics

[RELI 0305] Interpreting Law and Scripture

[RELI 0308] Sociology of Religion

[RELI 0315] Evil and Augustinian Politics

[RELI 0318] The Crusades

[RELI 0320] Buddhist Philosophy of Mind

[RELI 0325] Chan/Zen Buddhism

[RELI 0326] Buddhist Ethics

[RELI 0329] Religion in Modern China

[RELI 0335] Christian Thought: 325-1563

[RELI 0352] Paradise Lost

[RELI 0359] Islamic Law & Ethics

[RELI 0360] Nationalism & Rel in Mod Judaism

[RELI 0360] Seminar in Jewish Thought

[RELI 0370] African American Women

[RELI 0370] Religion & Social Change in the USA

[RELI 0374] Immigrant Religions in America

[RELI 0376] Religion & American Politics

[RELI 0380] Seminar in Biblical Studies


[RELI 0381] Paul and his Legacy

[RELI 0383] Storied Women

[RELI 0385] On the Moral Life

[RELI 0391] South Asian Goddesses

[RELI 0395] Religion, Ethics and Environment

[RELI 0396] War & Peace & Christianity

[RELI 0400] Seminar on the Study of Religion