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[FYSE 1003] Science Fiction

[FYSE 1006] Ecological History in Vermont

[FYSE 1010] Great Economists: Their Lives, Ideas, and Legacies

[FYSE 1010] Markets & Politics

[FYSE 1011] Poetry & Politics

[FYSE 1012] Express Yourself

[FYSE 1014] Paris & Exile

[FYSE 1015] European Resistance During WWII

[FYSE 1015] America and WWII

[FYSE 1017] A Voice of Their Own: Francophone Women Writers

[FYSE 1019] Global Popular Music

[FYSE 1019] Pen and the Past

[FYSE 1025] Chance

[FYSE 1027] Wilderness to Page

[FYSE 1028] 9/11: Causes & Consequences

[FYSE 1029] Reading Aristotle

[FYSE 1031] The 1960s

[FYSE 1032] Jews, Christians, and Romans

[FYSE 1034] Primary Health Care

[FYSE 1035] Single-Parent Family

[FYSE 1036] Global Change

[FYSE 1038] Story as a Ritual

[FYSE 1039] Drugs, Society, and Behavior

[FYSE 1039] Tom Stoppard: The Playwright and His Sources

[FYSE 1040] Contemporary Ireland in Fiction and Film

[FYSE 1040] Communism & Fascism

[FYSE 1046] Cross-Cultural Conflict

[FYSE 1050] The Blues and American Culture

[FYSE 1056] The Black Death

[FYSE 1062] Econ/Culture Great Depression

[FYSE 1066] Voices Along The Way

[FYSE 1076] Communism and Facism

[FYSE 1080] Mozart Operas

[FYSE 1081] Greek Philosophy, Tragedy, & Comedy

[FYSE 1097] Expatriate Fiction

[FYSE 1099] Cultural History of the Piano

[FYSE 1105] The Poet’s I

[FYSE 1106] Roads Less Traveled

[FYSE 1108] Chemical & Biological Warfare

[FYSE 1110] Rites of Passage in Antiquity

[FYSE 1115] Writing the Journey

[FYSE 1116] Shakespeare: Man and Myth

[FYSE 1121] Representations of Urban Italy

[FYSE 1121] Representations of Urban Italy

[FYSE 1122] Birds

[FYSE 1123] Encounters with Middle East

[FYSE 1133] Faith and Reason

[FYSE 1134] Empires

[FYSE 1140] American Memoirs

[FYSE 1144] Jane Austen and Film

[FYSE 1145] Voices Along The Way

[FYSE 1146] The Italian Renaissance Artist

[FYSE 1153] Poems, Poets, Poetry

[FYSE 1158] 20th Century Indian Literature

[FYSE 1160] How We Know

[FYSE 1166] Short Stories and Feature Films

[FYSE 1167] Shakespeare’s Characters

[FYSE 1173] Vermeer and His World

[FYSE 1174] The Art and Era of Andy Warhol

[FYSE 1175] The Game of Go

[FYSE 1183] Psychology and the Meaning of Life

[FYSE 1184] The Journey Within

[FYSE 1186] The 1960s

[FYSE 1188] Story and Ritual

[FYSE 1192] Politics and Culture of the French Resistance

[FYSE 1193] The Art of Animation

[FYSE 1198] Darwinian Medicine

[FYSE 1199] Smart Energy Choices

[FYSE 1200] Literature & Culture of New England

[FYSE 1200] J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middlebury

[FYSE 1201] Into the Forest: Fairy Tales

[FYSE 1202] Criminal Heroes

[FYSE 1203] Beast in the Jungle

[FYSE 1204] Poems, Poets, Poetry

[FYSE 1205] South Asian Diaspora

[FYSE 1206] French Films / American Remakes

[FYSE 1206] French Films/American Remakes

[FYSE 1207] Stories, Myths & Natl Identity

[FYSE 1208] Cities in Crisis

[FYSE 1208] Four American Artists

[FYSE 1210] Global Japanese Culture

[FYSE 1211] Godel, Escher, Bach

[FYSE 1211] Godel, Escher, Bach

[FYSE 1212] Mathematics for All

[FYSE 1212] Mathematics for All

[FYSE 1213] Science in a Gendered World

[FYSE 1214] Space, Time, & Measurement

[FYSE 1217] Animal Cognition

[FYSE 1218] Issues in Legal Psychology

[FYSE 1219] Dan Brown’s Solomon Key

[FYSE 1220] Anime

[FYSE 1220] Versions of the Foreign

[FYSE 1221] Life in Two or More Languages

[FYSE 1222] Playing the Part

[FYSE 1223] Contemporary Creative Nonfict

[FYSE 1224] Food Safety: A Perspective

[FYSE 1225] Romantic Comedy in Film & Literature

[FYSE 1225] Romantic Comedy Shakespeare

[FYSE 1226] Planets

[FYSE 1227] Whither Putin’s Russia?

[FYSE 1230] Fictions of Growing Up

[FYSE 1231] Diverse Families

[FYSE 1232] Reproducing: The 21st Century

[FYSE 1233] Opera – A Song of Love and Death

[FYSE 1234] Eco-Psychology and Human Behavior

[FYSE 1238] The Trojan War

[FYSE 1243] Paris City of Exile

[FYSE 1243] The Story of Geometry

[FYSE 1244] The Geology of National Parks

[FYSE 1247] Everyday Life in Africa

[FYSE 1259] Science and Science Fiction

[FYSE 1263] African American Migrations

[FYSE 1263] African American Migrations

[FYSE 1266] Literary Narratives

[FYSE 1268] Galapagos: Myth and Reality

[FYSE 1269] Language Acquisition

[FYSE 1270] Body in American Culture

[FYSE 1271] Contemporary Economics

[FYSE 1272] Lit & Philosophy of Friendship

[FYSE 1273] Family Matters

[FYSE 1274] Bombay in Fiction & Film

[FYSE 1275] Geol Landscape of Native Amer

[FYSE 1276] Borders and spaces

[FYSE 1277] Mid-Century American Culture

[FYSE 1278] Picturing Nature: Env Images

[FYSE 1279] Greece vs Rome

[FYSE 1280] Breaking the Code

[FYSE 1281] Experiments in Sound

[FYSE 1282] Chaos, Complexity, Self-Org

[FYSE 1283] Transitional Justice

[FYSE 1284] Latin America in the World

[FYSE 1285] Interpersonal Process

[FYSE 1286] Key to Angels and Demons

[FYSE 1287] Which American Dream

[FYSE 1288] Higher Education in the U.S.

[FYSE 1289] Robot Cult-Artific Ethnicity

[FYSE 1291] The Art of the Personal

[FYSE 1307] Fascism & Masculinity, 1919-45

[FYSE 1309] True Believer

[FYSE 1310] Age of Michelangelo

[FYSE 1336] Tell About The South

[FYSE 1349] American Constitutional Democracy

[FYSE 1356] Disability/Difference/Society

[FYSE 1361] Introduction to Contemporary China

[FYSE 1367] Remembering the Civil War

[FYSE 1370] Fiction Northern New England

[FYSE 1382] Wars Within: Civil Conflict

[FYSE 1386] Latin America & Status of Writing

[FYSE 1401] Bad Kids

[FYSE 1402] The Social Life of Wilderness

[FYSE 1404] Language and Identity

[FYSE 1413] Lyme Disease

[FYSE 1414] Computing and Society

[FYSE 1415] Identity, Education, and Power

[FYSE 1416] Talking the Talk

[FYSE 1417] Espionage in Film and Fiction

[FYSE 1418] Global Youth

[FYSE 1419] Civil War & Civil Rights

[FYSE 1420] Impressionism

[FYSE 1421] Art of Storytelling

[FYSE 1424] Science and Democracy

[FYSE 1425] Physics of Musical Sounds

[FYSE 1426] Globalization

[FYSE 1427] American Political Tradition

[FYSE 1428] The Other in Latin America

[FYSE 1429] Matthew: Then and Now

[FYSE 1430] Cinematic Sociology

[FYSE 1431] Food, Identity, and Power

[FYSE 1432] Sexuality and Power on Stage