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[RUSS 0101] Beginning Russian I

[RUSS 0103] Beginning Russian III

[RUSS 0122] The Russian Mind (in English)

[RUSS 0151] Russian Literature’s Golden Age

[RUSS 0152] Russian Modernism

[RUSS 0201] Intermediate Russian I

[RUSS 0202] Intermediate Russian II

[RUSS 0301] Advanced Russian I

[RUSS 0311] Russian Culture & Civilization I

[RUSS 0312] Russian Culture and Civilization II

[RUSS 0351] Dostoevsky

[RUSS 0354] Chekhov

[RUSS 0359] The Art of Vladimir Nabokov

[RUSS 0411] Russian Culture and Civilization I

[RUSS 0412] Russian Cult and Civ II

[RUSS 0500] Advanced Independent Study

[RUSS 0700] Senior Independent Study

[RUSS 0704] Senior Seminar