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[HIST 0102] Eurasian Frontiers

[HIST 0103] The Making of Europe

[HIST 0104] States and Revolutions

[HIST 0105] History of the Atlantic World

[HIST 0108] Early Islam and the Middle East

[HIST 0109] Islam & Middle East 1543-Preset

[HIST 0110] Modern South Asia

[HIST 0111] Early East Asia

[HIST 0112] Modern East Asia

[HIST 0114] History of Modern Africa

[HIST 0131] Archaic and Classical Greece

[HIST 0133] Nomads of Eurasia

[HIST 0139] Machiavelli in History

[HIST 0170] Religion in America

[HIST 0202] The American Mind

[HIST 0203] US History 1492-1861

[HIST 0204] US History 1861-1960

[HIST 0207] The Southwest Borderlands

[HIST 0208] Borderlands

[HIST 0215] America, 1960-2000

[HIST 0220] American Economic History

[HIST 0222] Environmental History

[HIST 0225] History of Africa to 1800

[HIST 0231] Imperial China

[HIST 0232] Modern China

[HIST 0233] Nomads of Eurasia

[HIST 0235] History of Pre-Modern Japan

[HIST 0236] History of Modern Japan

[HIST 0236] History of Modern Japan

[HIST 0237] Chinese Philosophy

[HIST 0239] Modern India

[HIST 0240] Medieval Cities

[HIST 0241] Europe in Early Middle Ages

[HIST 0242] Europe in the High Middle Ages

[HIST 0243] Mediterranean World 400-1600

[HIST 0244] Early Modern Europe, 1555-1789

[HIST 0245] History of Modern Europe

[HIST 0247] Traditional Russia

[HIST 0248] Modern Russia

[HIST 0249] Germany in the 19th Century

[HIST 0250] Jews in Mondern Eruope

[HIST 0251] Modern Italy

[HIST 0253] British History 1603-1815

[HIST 0256] Weimar Culture/Nazi Revolution

[HIST 0256] The Birth of Modernism

[HIST 0257] Holocaust

[HIST 0262] History of Modern Middle East

[HIST 0263] Religion & Politics in Islamic History

[HIST 0266] Egypt, Iran, & Turkey: Modern History

[HIST 0271] Puritans & Cultured Despisers

[HIST 0273] Confucius and Confusianism

[HIST 0285] Colonial Latin America

[HIST 0286] Modern Latin America

[HIST 0301] Contemporary Historiography

[HIST 0319] Philosophy of History

[HIST 0331] Sparta & Athens

[HIST 0362] RevolutionaryAmerica:1763-1800

[HIST 0364] Civil War and Reconstruction

[HIST 0365] Immigration and American Identity

[HIST 0368] 20th Century America 1955-2000

[HIST 0371] African American History

[HIST 0372] The Civil Rights Revolution

[HIST 0373] History of American Women

[HIST 0374] History of the American West

[HIST 0375] History of Urban America

[HIST 0376] History of The New South

[HIST 0397] America and the Pacific

[HIST 0400] Readings in Medieval History:

[HIST 0401] Readings from European History: The French Revolution

[HIST 0403] Rdgs Eur. Hist. Tudor England

[HIST 0403] Readings in Modern European History: Tudor England

[HIST 0404] Stalin and Stalinism

[HIST 0407] American Ethnic History

[HIST 0408] Readings in Modern European History

[HIST 0410] Reading American History: The Protest Impulse

[HIST 0411] Reading American History: The American West

[HIST 0412] Reading American History: Cultures-Contract

[HIST 0413] Diaspora and Exile

[HIST 0414] Readings in Indian History: Gandhi

[HIST 0416] Women and Islam

[HIST 0417] Readings in Chinese History: 19th-20th Centuries

[HIST 0418] Readings in Japanese History

[HIST 0419] Readings in African History: Environmental History of Africa

[HIST 0420] Popular Culture in Africa

[HIST 0421] Women and Gender in Africa

[HIST 0424] Readings in European History: Nazis & the Jews

[HIST 0425] Modern Religion, Identity, and Conflict

[HIST 0428] Violence in the Middle Ages

[HIST 0430] Nietzsche in Historical Perspective

[HIST 0449] Imperialism and Culture

[HIST 0451] Writing and Research: Medieval and Early Modern Europe

[HIST 0453] Writing and Research: American History

[HIST 0453] Writing/Research Amer Hist

[HIST 0455] Writing/Research: The Atlantic World

[HIST 0458] Writing/Research: Nationalism

[HIST 0500] Special Research Projects

[HIST 0700] Senior Independent Study