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[PHYS 0101] Physics and Reality

[PHYS 0104] Chaos, Complexity, and Self-organization

[PHYS 0109] Newtonian Physics

[PHYS 0110] Electricity and Magnetism

[PHYS 0110] Electricity and Magnetism

[PHYS 0111] Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics

[PHYS 0155] Introduction to the Universe

[PHYS 0165] Physics in the Universe

[PHYS 0201] Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

[PHYS 0202] Quantum Physics and Applications

[PHYS 0212] Applied Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

[PHYS 0221] Electronics for Scientists

[PHYS 0261] Observational Astronomy

[PHYS 0301] Intermediate Electromagnetism

[PHYS 0302] Electromagnetic Theory

[PHYS 0321] Experimental Physics

[PHYS 0321] Error Analysis

[PHYS 0330] Analytical Mathematics

[PHYS 0340] Solid State Physics

[PHYS 0350] Statistical Mechanics

[PHYS 0360] Topics in Contemporary Physics

[PHYS 0401] Quantum Mechanics