[PHYS 0109]
Newtonian Physics

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Professor: Prigo R

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  2. Prigo is such a nice and friendly man, who is always around if you need help. He is an understandable teacher, and will curve grades.
  3. Bob is a great teacher who made Physics fun. He is always in his office to answer questions and genuinely enjoys helping students. I had never taken a Physics course before and am now considering either majoring or minoring in the subject mostly because of this class. I definitely recommend taking this class or any class with Bob.
  4. Prigo is a fantastic teacher and communicator. He knows what he is doing. Problem sets two hours each. We only had three serious labs and all ended an hour early. Be warned: if you don't know how to use Excel lab reports can take a REALLY long time. Bob will give you guidance on tests and work...Ask for it! Homework is much harder than presented in class.
  5. Dr. Prigo is legit. He is very laid-back and not at all intimidating. He's pretty funny too (perhaps unintentionally), like when he relates every concept back to his WRX Turbo.
  6. Bob is a great professor. I would unequivocally recommend this class to both scence and non-science majors. He makes everything easy to understand. The class consists of lectures and lab, one problem set due each friday, and a lab report. Labs last about 1.5 hours and are fun. The lab reports are not too bad. Problem sets can be difficult, but Bob makes himself very available to help. If you ask him for help, he is very helpful. There are 3 tests. Bob gives you old practice exams, so there are really no surprises. Study the material and you'll do just fine. If you're thinking about taking this class with Bob, stop thinking and do it.
  7. Professor Prigo is the man. If you'd like to see an old nerd at his finest, then register for this course without hesitation. Problem sets that take from 2-5 hours are due every Friday, and Prigo and his TA's will be there to help you out. Prigo does a fine job in explaining how one can break down a seemingly complex physics problem to something so simple that you'd say, "Oh, snap!" Not just that, but his lectures are rarely boring, even though they can be 9am in the morning. He's very entertaining, and very enthusiastic about his field.
  8. What fun! Professor Prigo is dynamic in lectures and is not afraid of making physics fun. The class was large (over 100 students), but the labs were smaller (around 20 students). Problem sets were due every week and usually a short lab write-up was due every week as well. Teaching Assistants were available before the problem sets were due and sometimes proved helpful. We often got out of lab before 4:15pm. This was not a particularly challenging course for me. I especially liked the "lab" when we got to ride around on hovercraft to study some basic laws of motion.

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