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[THEA 0101] Visual Creativity for Stage

[THEA 0102] Acting I: Beginning Acting

[THEA 0106] Post-Colonial Drama

[THEA 0111] Scenic Design I: Beginning

[THEA 0113] Lighting Design I: Beginning

[THEA 0119] Fall Production Studio: Design

[THEA 0125] History of Western Dress

[THEA 0126] Analyzing Characters in Twentieth-Century American Drama

[THEA 0129] Spring Production Studio: Design

[THEA 0136] Dramatizing Black Experience

[THEA 0202] Acting II: Voice & Body for Actor

[THEA 0205] Costume Design I: Beginning

[THEA 0208] Theatre History

[THEA 0210] Fall Production Studio: Acting

[THEA 0214] Directing I: Beginning

[THEA 0218] Playwriting

[THEA 0218] Playwriting

[THEA 0220] Spring Production Studio: Acting

[THEA 0228] Contemporary British Playwrights

[THEA 0237] Devised Theatre

[THEA 0302] Acting III: Scene and Monologue Study

[THEA 0306] Twentieth-Century Performance Aesthetics

[THEA 0318] Playwriting II: Advanced

[THEA 0324] Directing II: Advanced

[THEA 0325] Costume Design II: Advanced

[THEA 0402] Acting IV: Styles of Acting

[THEA 0406] 20th/21st Century Performance Aesth

[THEA 0420] Spring Procuction Studio: CABAR

[THEA 0500] Intermediate Independent Project

[THEA 0700] Senior Independent Project