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Scenic Design I: Beginning

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Professor: Evancho, M.

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  1. Much harder than expected. If you are just trying to get an art requirement out of the way this might not be the class to be in. If you like theater then it is probably fine.
  2. Wow, what a trip this course was. Heaviest workload of my semester, especially when you count the lab hours - 24 hours total in the shop, of which you might not be aware when you register for the course. Mark is a terrible communicator, he talks nonstop, contradicting himself sometimes, other times without ever actually reaching his point. He is also a terrible listener. You'll make a comment and he'll act like he's responding when really he just finds the fastest way to get back to whatever he was saying before you "interrupted." The first half of the semester was spent on perspective, orthographic projections, scale, etc. - technical stuff that Mark could not explain AT ALL. We students had to teach each other. Next half of the semester was spent designing (two partner projects, one independent project). I felt like I learned the design process, but not how to actually be a good designer. The best thing about this course was probably the camaraderie we developed as a group (small class of 6). Be prepared to feel frustrated, condescended to, and lost. You will learn from your peers and you'll grow, because the workload is so intense. It kind of has to be, because you don't get much out of the hours spent in class. Mark's a great designer and a great guy to shoot the breeze with but he really shouldn't be a teacher. If you're a non-design theatre major, I'd suggest taking a class with Hallie Z to fill your design requirement...
  3. This class is super fun. I learned a lot about the performance areas at the college as well as designing sets for plays. I am not a theatre major nor am I a minor but I really enjoyed reading the plays and coming up with the stages for them. Overall, it's a lot of work, lab work is a lot but I'd suggest working for one of the faculty productions because you can do sound/lights and at the same time do other classwork. No doubt the class is tough but Mark isn't too tough a grader and was super helpful!
  4. A truly great professor. This class is great for both people deeply involved with theatre and people who are just beginning!

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