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[CHNS 0101] Beginning Chinese

[CHNS 0103] Beginning Chinese

[CHNS 0130] Chinese Literary Tradition

[CHNS 0201] Intermediate Chinese I

[CHNS 0202] Intermediate Chinese II

[CHNS 0206] Chinese Painting Tradition and Innovation

[CHNS 0216] Traditional Chinese Fiction

[CHNS 0219] The Chinese Literary Tradition

[CHNS 0220] Modern Chinese Literature

[CHNS 0270] Chinese Sociolinguistics

[CHNS 0301] Advanced Chinese

[CHNS 0302] Advanced Chinese

[CHNS 0325] Traditional Chinese Poetry

[CHNS 0330] Love & Sex in Traditional Chinese Literature

[CHNS 0340] Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture

[CHNS 0360] Intro to Chinese Lit Theory

[CHNS 0370] Traditional Chinese Novels

[CHNS 0400] Advanced Readings, Conversation, and Writing (Modern Chinese)

[CHNS 0411] Classical Chinese I

[CHNS 0412] Classical Chinese II

[CHNS 0425] Chinese Social Issues: Advanced Readings

[CHNS 0475] Seminar Chinese Fiction

[FMMC/CHNS 0250] Chinese Cinema