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[AMST 0170] Religion in America

[AMST 0175] Immigrant America

[AMST 0200] Global Cities of the United States

[AMST 0204] Black Comic Cultures

[AMST 0206] 19th Century American Literature

[AMST 0209] American Literature & Culture: Origins-1830

[AMST 0210] Modern American Culture 1830-1919

[AMST 0214] Capturing Culture

[AMST 0215] Football and Higher Education

[AMST 0219] Historical Geography of North America

[AMST 0224] Race and Ethnicity in the US

[AMST 0243] American Bodies

[AMST 0245] American Landscape: 1825-1865

[AMST 0260] American Disability Studies

[AMST 0276] Religion in the Borderlands

[AMST 0283] Social Dance & Popular Culture

[AMST 0295] Across the Great Divide

[AMST 0310] Livin’ for the City

[AMST 0358] Reading Slavery and Aboliltion

[AMST 0365] Art and Language of the Civil War

[AMST 0370] African American Women

[AMST 0372] The Civil Rights Revolution

[AMST 0373] History of American Women

[AMST 0400] Theory and Method

[AMST 0408] Art & Life of Winslow Homer

[AMST 0476] Disability in a Global Context

[AMST 0500] Independent Study

[AMST 0700] Senior Essay

[AMST 0710] Honors Thesis

[FMMC 0104] Television and American Culture

[FMMC/AMST 0242] Film Comedy