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[FREN 0700] Senior Research

[GRMN 0101] Beginning German I

[GRMN 0103] Beginning German III

[GRMN 0111] Advanced Beginning German

[GRMN 0201] Intermediate German

[GRMN 0202] Intermediate German II

[GRMN 0226] Germany and Islam (In English)

[GRMN 0228] Women’s Fiction (In English)

[GRMN 0304] Advanced Writing Workshop

[GRMN 0310] German & Its Cultural Context

[GRMN 0313] Rereading Fairy Tales

[GRMN 0315] Hotel and the Modern Experience

[GRMN 0330] Rethinking Literature

[GRMN 0333] Dealing with the Devil (in English)

[GRMN 0340] The Structure of German

[GRMN 0350] Advanced Writing Workshop

[GRMN 0370] German Linguistics

[GRMN 0403] From Weimar to Hitler

[GRMN 0412] The Berlin Wall Then and Now

[GRMN 0418] German Theatre in Action

[GRMN 0420] Escape to Life: Exile Experiences

[GRMN 0426] Germany and Islam

[GRMN 0432] German Comedy

[GRMN 0450] Sites and Stories of Berlin

[GRMN 0460] Fin-de-siecle Vienna