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[FREN 0101] Beginning French Part One

[FREN 0103] Beginning French III

[FREN 0103] Beginning French III

[FREN 0203] Intensive Intermediate French

[FREN 0205] Towards Liberated Expression

[FREN 0210] Identity in French Literature

[FREN 0221] From Romanticism to Modernism

[FREN 0221] From Romanticism to Modernism

[FREN 0230] Introduction to Contemporary France

[FREN 0255] Improving Writing in French

[FREN 0306] Study/Production of a Play

[FREN 0315] Nature in French Literature

[FREN 0341] French Cinema

[FREN 0342] French Films vs Amer Remakes

[FREN 0343] La Nouvelle Vague

[FREN 0345] The Reciprocal Gaze: French and American Perspectives of Each Ot

[FREN 0346] Food and Culture

[FREN 0347] French Ambitions for EU

[FREN 0352] French Public Education

[FREN 0364] Happiness in Ancient Regime

[FREN 0374] The “Belle Epoque”

[FREN 0375] Heroes and Humanists

[FREN 0376] Modern French Theater

[FREN 0378] Hugo A Man A Century

[FREN 0379] French Poetry and Painting

[FREN 0380] The 20th Century Novel

[FREN 0384] History in 20th Century French Lit

[FREN 0386] Literature, Language & Identity in Qubece

[FREN 0389] World of Senses: Early Modern French

[FREN 0393] Transnational Cultures: France

[FREN 0395] Womens’ Voices Francophone Wrld

[FREN 0448] Senior Seminar: A Multicultural Society?

[FREN 0449] Imperialism and Culture

[FREN 0450] Franco-American Relations

[FREN 0477] Madness & Reason

[FREN 0491] Reimaging Community in Modern

[FREN 0492] Senior Seminar: Literature and Denunciation: The Awakening of t

[FREN 0500] Independent Projects