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Towards Liberated Expression

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Professor: Doran

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Evaluation Comments for Doran

  1. doran is a great man with a wonderful sense of wit. the course material is engaging and the atmosphere made the class one i truly looked forward to
  2. Doran is a great professor when it comes to discussion of movies and literature. I thought that he did an ok job reviewing the material, but since this class was only supposed to be a review of all the grammar concepts he did an ok job. He wasn't wonderful with some of the tricky grammar stuff, but that's also just the nature of the language. I would recomend this class to anyone!
  3. This class was a thorough review of French. It will increase your comfort level through discussion. Doran is quite a good professor, from the way he leads discussion to his tests. The key to this class, I think, is the seminar-ish atmosphere. Doran does not really lecture much; he mostly asks us questions to help initiate discussion. This is the way French 205 should be.
  4. Professor Doran is a great professor, really nice, but 205 in general is a really random class. I feel like it's everything they couldn't fit into the lower levels but need to teach you before they throw you into the lit classes. Random points of grammar, reading a short book, discussion, movie watching. You watch one movie without subtitles throughout the semester and that was really fun. I feel like that really helped cement my listening skills. Professor Doran is a really nice professor, very understanding and really wants you to do well. He's really funny too - always making jokes. If you feel like you need a little more French review before jumping into 210, take this class with Doran.
  5. This is a great French course and Doran is a wonderful professor. It is a review of grammar, writing, reading, listening, and really works a lot on your speaking. I needed the most work on speech and that is exactly what this course gave me. Definitely take this course with Doran!
  6. Good Grammar overview! Doran is energetic and helpful. Decent class!

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