[FREN 0205]
Towards Liberated Expression

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Professor: Schwartz P

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  1. Schwartz can be kind of dry at times, but she's really nice and pretty lenient about things. She was constantly cutting down our assignments and making them easier, so the course wasn't too bad at all--the pace was pretty slow. She makes herself very available for students who need extra help. The work isn't really difficult, and there is a rewrite option on all of the redactions (which are only a page in length). If I were to take this course again, I would probably take it with Schwartz.
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  4. Professor Schwartz can be a little dry, but she got more humorous as the semester went on. The readings are excerpts from novels, so they aren't too long or dense. There is some grammar but not too much. It isn't the most fun class ever, but it's alright.
  5. i rarely saw Professor Schwartz excited about anything she taught in this course. She was very formulaic and her teaching style very old fashioned. There was little encouragment for students to talk to each other and we only broke into groups two times during the whole semester. The classwork felt more like busywrok than anything. It was a fairly easy class, but not very stimulating.
  6. it wasn't a difficult course but it wasn't very interesting either. the material was not difficult or hard to complete. the teacher was nice but not overly friendly or engaging

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