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Towards Liberated Expression

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Professor: McWilliams

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  1. McWilliams is great, and know how to teach french, my only gripe with this course is that there is a disconnect between what you do in class and how you are evaluated
  2. No Comment
  3. Get on her good side and watch your grammar on those one pagers due at the end of each week - they count for a lot of your grade.
  4. This class, specifically with this professor was very strenuous. Prof McWilliams is an amazing person, and very french and obviously brilliant, but I feel would be far better suited to higher levels of French. She absolutely plays favorites to the people who can speak/write well, and is not very helpful or encouraging to those that can't, even if they are putting in the effort to improve (seeing tutors, etc). A look of boredom and why are you so inadequate is more likely. Because of this, and the fact the people that speak well dominate the class, I found it really hard to improve. I sought help with tutors which can be either a good or bad experience, for me also bad. More note on her specific teaching style: not much grammar will be overviewed in class, so be prepared to learn from the book, and be responsible for that on the exams. In class, mostly discussion on the lit pieces read, or movies watched, with some vocab intermixed in there. But again for a class of 15 or so people, with only a 50 minute class the chances of speaking are not always super likely. Overall, an ok class. Not so helpful or sympathetic a professor, and it would've been nice to go into the class knowing that to be prepared :) but definitely will learn, just not very much from the professor. the lit we read though was very interesting, so a plus.
  5. Overall, okay class and a great professor
  6. she is a nice prof
  7. French 205 is a good transition between high school and college. It helped me revise most of the tricky grammar topics, as well as get some speaking practice. The fact that there are 3 mid-term exams makes the class less stressful, as you have to prepare only small portions of the material each time. As for Madame Barbaud-Mcwilliams, she is absolutely amazing. She has a good sense of humor, which made the boring material seem not that bad. Also she encourages discussions in class, so make sure you speak. =D
  8. This was the best french class I have taken! Prof. McWilliams was hilarious and found a good balance between curriculum and fun. The class was challenging but I looked forward to it everyday! My french improved greatly, I wish I could have Prof McWilliams for every class!
  9. I thought this was a great course! Very discussion based, and not much in class time spent on grammar and vocab, although she would answer questions if we had them. Most of the class was spent discussing the literature. I feel like my ability to communicate in French improved drastically during this course!
  10. McWilliams is a great teacher. Her tests are fair and she doesn't assign too much homework I didn't feel I learned much in the course though - I was bored most of the time. Most of the class was review for me, and I felt like we were moving slowly. We could have probably covered the material in half the time. I'm taking French 210 next semester, but I'm left wondering if I could have taken it last semester and skipped 205.
  11. 205 is a great bridge from an AP level to literature. McWilliams is a fun and engaging teacher- lots of laughing and solidifying grammar.
  12. mcwilliams is the best, very friendly and funny. the class consists of films, vocab, some grammar, one book, and excerpts from plays, speeches, and novels. grading wise, there are 6 redactions, 3 midterms, and a final. a very nice class if you don't mind doing small amounts of homework everyday
  13. Prof Barbaud McWilliams is incredible- the best French professor I have ever had. She makes French fun, provides great explanations, and is such a nice lady. This class is great if you want to brush up your speaking and writing skills before heading into literature. Definitely take this class with Prof McWilliams - she will make it more than worthwhile and actually make you LOVE French!
  14. I really liked Madame McWilliams. She was a really nice lady, and she had lots of cool stories and discussions for us both personal and about French life in general. I didn't really like how reviewing our grammar exercises took up nearly half of every class, but its your typical mid-level language class. I liked the Zebre movie clips and certain activities though (playing a politician, planning a trip to france, etc.) I thought the book L'Enfant Multiple was really difficult; it was a little discouraging trying to read 10 pages in less than 2 hours. Decent amount of work but not too overloading, just consistent assignments due, normal for this type of class. If you're taking Fren 205 I'd recommend taking it with Madame McWilliams. She's fun and nice, and who could say no to Otter Creek croissants the last day of class? : )
  15. I'm not quite sure if I believe this class should exist. Do we really need a whole class in between 203 and 210? I felt like we could have covered all the material in the course in a month or so. Multiple professors teach this course, and I have a feeling the material is pretty standardized. Still, McWilliams's teaching ability shone through and made the course enjoyable. I imagine she didn't prepare too much for our classes, but she seemed very invested in what we had to say once class started. She was the best part of the course. I look forward to taking 210 with her next semester.

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