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[MUSC 0101] Introduction to Western Music

[MUSC 0102] Concert Experience

[MUSC 0125] Music and geography in North America

[MUSC 0130] Topics in Music-Wagner’s Ring

[MUSC 0160] Music Theory I: Fundamentals

[MUSC 0205] Performance Lab

[MUSC 0209] Music I

[MUSC 0210] Music II

[MUSC 0212] Electronic Music

[MUSC 0220] Music to 1750

[MUSC 0220] Music to 1750

[MUSC 0221] Music History II: Music Since 1800

[MUSC 0222] Music History III

[MUSC 0223] The History of Black Music

[MUSC 0225] Crowns, Serpents and High Cs

[MUSC 0229] Boundaries Opera/Film Musicals

[MUSC 0230] The Romantic Era

[MUSC 0232] Music in the United States

[MUSC 0234] Music in World Cultures

[MUSC 0236] African Soundscapes

[MUSC 0240] Performing Chamber Music

[MUSC 0243] Conducting

[MUSC 0243] Asian Music

[MUSC 0244] African Music, Dance, & Performance

[MUSC 0246] A Cappella Ensemble Performance

[MUSC 0260] Music Theory II: Diatonic Theory

[MUSC 0261] Music Theory III: Chromatic Theory

[MUSC 0262] Musicianship

[MUSC 0282] Songs and Social Movements

[MUSC 0302] Tonal Theory II

[MUSC 0309] Advanced Composition I

[MUSC 0325] Music and the Natural Environment

[MUSC 0400] Sonata Form

[MUSC 0400] Senior Seminar

[MUSC 0400] Ethno Approaches & Methods

[MUSC 224] The Legacy of Black Art