[MUSC 0101]
Introduction to Western Music

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Professor: Hamberlin, L.

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  1. boring class, tests are way too hard, way too much homework. he says you should do homework for 10 hours a week. don't take it with him
  2. I can understand that Hamberlin wants you to engage with the material, however, he expects way too much from you for an introductory class, and for me he took the fun out of listening to music. He expects students to spend at least seven hours outside of the class to do work, and his exams are not very easy because of the listening sections he has on them. If you don't have an ear for music and are not previously familiar with musicians who you listen too, you will not do well on the exams. This was not the gem that I thought it would be, and is actually the class I least enjoyed the semester I took it. He also admittedly said in class that listening quizes and tests are way too hard, yet still puts them on the tests, he also refuses to actually teach you everything he tests you on, because he expects you to be learning everything from the text book. Overall I did not enjoy this class, and found the only good part about this class was actually the book. I wouldn't take this class unless you are music major, if you need to fulfill an art req or are looking for a fun/easy class look elsewhere.
  3. some parts of this class were very interesting, while others were quite boring. larry did his best to keep us interested, which included bringing in live performers, playing the music himself, and showing us some cool videos (i.e. star wars when teaching us about lietmotives). the class is fun if you are a music lover, but have never experienced classical music before.

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