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[JAPN 0101] First-Year Japanese I

[JAPN 0103] First-Year Japanese III

[JAPN 0110] Current Social Issues in Japan

[JAPN 0175] Anima: Japanese Animation

[JAPN 0180] Representing the Geisha

[JAPN 0190] The Tale of Genji

[JAPN 0201] Second-Year Japanese I

[JAPN 0202] Second Year Japanese II

[JAPN 0210] Intro to Japanese Linguistics

[JAPN 0215] Modern Japanese Fiction

[JAPN 0216] Contemporary Japanese Fiction

[JAPN 0216] Contemporary Japanese Ficiton

[JAPN 0228] Japanese Religions

[JAPN 0235] History of Pre-Modern Japan

[JAPN 0237] Japanese Film

[JAPN 0237] Japanese Film

[JAPN 0245] Women’s Activism in Japan

[JAPN 0250] Gender in Japan

[JAPN 0260] Kurosawa

[JAPN 0262] Documentary Animation

[JAPN 0290] The Tale of Genji (in English)

[JAPN 0301] Third-Year Japanese I

[JAPN 0302] Third-Year Japanese II

[JAPN 0402] Advanced Japanese II

[JAPN 0450] Seminar in Classical Japanese

[JAPN 0475] Seminar in Japanese Studies

[JAPN 0500] Independent Project

[JAPN 0700] Honors Thesis