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Japanese Film

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Professor: Cavanaugh C

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  14. Don't point out the lack of Japanese war-guilt in your final paper.
  15. Japanese film is so cool! You can tell that this is Sensei Cavanaugh's passion as we analyze each movie. At times the screenings can be graphic, so it's important to note that while they are all mandatory, you can walk out at any time if it's too disturbing, just so you know. These are all classics, however, and she might be teaching a Kurosawa J-term, so stay tuned!
  16. I liked the class in general. My main complaint was Cavanaugh sensei and her bad habit of shooting people's opinions down and then cramming her opinion down your throat. If you're going to disagree with her, make sure your argument is fool proof. There are readings, but you can get away with not doing the readings. There is only a 7-10 page final paper. You have to present your ideas for the paper in a 10 minute presentation.

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