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[ART 0157] Foundation Drawing: Making Drawings to Explain the World Around Us

[ART 0159] Studio Art I

[ART 0160] Studio Art II

[ART 0161] Photo: Theory & Practice

[ART 0164] Sculpture and Video

[ART 0167] Intro to Sculpture-Form and Space

[ART 0180] Sculptural Architecture

[ART 0252] Found Art Sculpture

[ART 0309] The Landscape Re-Imagined: Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Glass

[ART 0310] Painting

[ART 0311] Water-Based Media Painting

[ART 0315] Scratching the Surface

[ART 0318] Silkscreen Printmaking

[ART 0320] Vol, Scale and Concept in Sculpt

[ART 0327] Black and White Photography

[ART 0328] Color Photography

[ART 0332] Beyond the Silkscreen

[ART 0332 A] Scultpure in an Architectural Context

[ART 0370] Portraiture In Oil Painting and Sculpture

[ART 0371] Sculpture I: Communicating in Three-Dimensions

[ART 0500] Special Project

[ART 0520] Advanced Studio Art

[ART 0700] Senior Independent Studio