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Studio Art I

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Professor: Huddleston, J.

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  1. you will improve your drawing a lot, if you put the time in! huddleston is a good prof, friendly and knows his shit and will teach you well. critiques can be boring especially if other people don't put effort into their drawings. he gives 1 drawing assignment a week (over the weekend) so workload is fine, it's usually 3-6 hours. the midterm took 10-15 hours. the meditation is super relaxing.
  2. Huddleston is a great teacher and genuinely wants to help students improve. He starts the class out with 15-20 minutes of meditation, which is nice in the hustle and bustle of the day.
  3. No Comment
  4. I wouldn't call this class easy, but it's definitely worth taking. Huddleston doesn't do much instruction, however, so be sure to ask a lot of questions if you have any. And make sure you put a lot of effort into your work, he'll notice.
  5. Everyone's drawing abilities improved SO much by the end of the course, it was incredible. If you want to improve your art skills, take this course. If you want an easy opt-out, dont take this course! Assignments are time consuming and critiqued in front of the entire class every week, so you really dont want to slack on them-- they are graded fairly, not easily. Huddleston knows techinque and can get everyone to a pretty decent art level by the end of the course. Studio time is almost 100% drawing, and then assignments take a few hours every week. Midterm and final take around 10 hours or more. Expect to spend time in the studio! But overall a great class for what it is, we definitely learned a lot and it is so nice to have different types of homework besides the classic reading and writing. You will enjoy heading to the studio to draw every week!
  6. This is nice intro to drawing class. With Huddleston, you work in pencil, charcoal, and color pastel for a few weeks at the end. Be prepared that the first few weeks you just draw still life and it can be pretty boring. But once you start drawing live (nude) models the class becomes really interesting and fun. At the beginning of the class it was very obvious who had drawing experience and who didn't - but don't let little experience discourage you! Everyone improved so much. Be prepared to do one drawing a week outside of class and large midterm and final portrait. Also, the course materials were around $100.
  7. This is a fun course. I was surprised though at how much better than me everyone else seemed.
  8. This class is low-stress and you improve and draw at your own pace. There is one drawing due for homework every week that you should expect to spend 3-6 hours on. If your looking for a simple art credit, there is probably an easier, less intensive way to get it. But if you are looking to become better at drawing, this class is for you.
  9. Composition can be as important as illustration. The eraser is as much a tool as charcoal. Show that you put effort into every piece. Explore interesting and perhaps sexual topics. It helps to be at least ok at drawing.
  10. I found the assignments for the class were too conceptual. The video section is difficult if you've never edited flim before, but it was pretty interesting to learn. Making good projects takes a lot more time than one might think.
  11. This is a decent drawing class, but as with all art classes, takes a lot of time outside of class. Huddleston knows his stuff, but he's not great for explanation. It helps to have prior experience. Not the easiest class if you're just looking for an Arts credit.
  12. If you aren't great at drawing but you like art this class is a good fit. Its a fairly low stress class than can improve ones drawing greatly. Dont be afraid to ask questions.

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