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Black and White Photography

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Professor: Huddleston, J.

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  1. This class might be a little boring for someone who has had a ton of experience with photography, but it really is what you make of it and I guess is good for all levels. John is good at pushing each person at whatever level they are at. SUPER laid back atmosphere. We did mediation before critiques. Critiques were often long and tediously boring, but sometimes awesome, it really depends on the quality of work that is put forth, because EVERYTHING will be discussed as if it is a meaningful photograph, because there is no real distinction. Overall, I'm glad I took this course because I really like printing in the darkroom and using film. If you enjoy that you won't regret it.
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  4. Already having some experience with photography, I found this class very useful. It's nice just to have the critique session to get new ideas. Huddleston is also a very nice guy. He's very laid back, and doesn't grade harshly, but he really knows his stuff.

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