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[ENAM 0239] The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock

[ENAM 0341] Screenwriting II

[FMMC 0101] Aesthetics of the Moving Image

[FMMC 0102] Film History

[FMMC 0104] Television and American Culture

[FMMC 0105] Sight and Sound I

[FMMC 0106] Writing For the Screen I

[FMMC 0131] Film History 1945-Present

[FMMC 0134] American Film Genres

[FMMC 0231] Film History: 1895-1945

[FMMC 0232] The Documentary Film

[FMMC 0233] Masterworks of American Cinema

[FMMC 0233] Masterworks of American Cinema

[FMMC 0237] Japanese Film

[FMMC 0240] Screenwriting Workshope

[FMMC 0241] French Cinema

[FMMC 0243] Digital-Video Imaging

[FMMC 0244] International Cinema: The Art of Ellipsis

[FMMC 0246] Media Tech & Cultural Change

[FMMC 0252] David Lynch

[FMMC 0267] Gender, Sexuality, Media

[FMMC 0275] American Cultural Studies

[FMMC 0279] Film and Literature

[FMMC 0282] Videogames as Art, Culture, and Medium

[FMMC 0285] Producing Environmental Media

[FMMC 0310] Film and History

[FMMC 0314] German Cinema

[FMMC 0314] German Cinema

[FMMC 0334] Videographic Film Studies

[FMMC 0335] Sight and Sound II

[FMMC 0340] Film and Modernism

[FMMC 0341] Writing for the Screen II

[FMMC 0342] Authorship and Cinema

[FMMC 0342] Authorship and Cinema

[FMMC 0346] Animation

[FMMC 0348] 3D Computer Animation

[FMMC 0354] Film Theory

[FMMC 0360] Methods of Film Criticism

[FMMC 0431] The Surfaces of Cinema

[FMMC 0437] Internationalizing Culture

[FMMC 0507] Advanced Independent work in Film and Media Culture

[FMMC 0700] Film and Media Senior Tutorial

[FMMC 0707] Senior Independent Work

[FMMC/AMST 0242] Film Comedy

[FMMC/CHNS 0250] Chinese Cinema

[FMMC/GSFS 0264] Indian Cinema: Romance, Nation, and Identity