[FMMC 0105]
Sight and Sound I

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Professor: Ellis D

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Evaluation Comments for Ellis D

  1. No Comment
  2. I found this to be a very frustrating class. I've made movies for fun before and I feel like I left with no more knowledge than I came in with. The movies we watched in class didn't relate at all to what we were studying at the time and half the time weren't even worth watching.
  3. good course...just time consuming if you get into it..but well worth it
  4. I had a lot of fun in this class. Deb is very friendly and tries to be as helpful as possible but the techs are better at helping with the hardware. This isn?t necessarily her fault though, since the computers and decks can be a little unreliable, and she is completely reasonable about extending deadlines when things don?t go right. I really enjoy Deb?s laid-back style, she provides the perfect amount of artistic freedom in the projects. This freedom means you?ll have to take a little initiative but it?s worth it. As with any arts production class, grading is subjective, but Deb will explain how to improve. Highly recommend.
  5. This class could be so good in the hands of another professor. Deb is a really nice woman, but I can't remember a single thing we ever did in class. She shows up late, the material doesn't work, and ignore the grades she gives you throughout the semester -- it apparently means nothing about your final grade. Too bad.

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