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Sight and Sound I

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Professor: Tucker, M

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  2. First of all, if you're not motivated, don't take this class! Yes, the workload is almost unbearable and, as an example, Prof Tucker gave us an assignment on the very first day of class, due the following day. That being said, the amount of material covered is so huge that I came out of this class with the satisfying feeling of having learnt a LOT. Prof Tucker will certainly improve as a teacher but she's doing a great job handling such a comprehensive course. I, too, was sometimes frustrated but if she seems so negative it's because she wants you to improve and therefore does not linger on the positive side of your work. Finally, don't be mistaken, this class is NOT about filming right away (hence some people's frustration). If you have to take it, then buckle down! I think the best way to get a lot out of this class is to tell yourself that you know nothing and must learn step by step what editing is all about. Good luck and never forget that there is light even in the darkest moments of your life. Best. A survivor
  3. I don't know if Hope has taught before, but if she has, I feel sorry for the kids she learned on. She is the sole reason this I didn't rate this class more highly. Given the possibilities for presenting the material--given the subject matter--this class should have been exciting, entertaining and informative. Instead, it was back-breaking, boring and unnecessarily frustrating. If you dislike indie snobbery and the pretensions that go along with it--not to mention a professor whose wardrobe is straight out of the Addams Family--skip this class. If you like that kind of thing--and 3 hour workshops of meandering discussion, an atmosphere that promotes excessive criticism and movies about nothing that are, in Hope's words, "maybe a little too complex for you to understand fully"--right on. End advice: If you don't have to fulfill a requirement for your Film major, either audit this class, or do it yourself. Get the books she recommends (they're actually pretty good), read them, ask the film equipment guys to give you practical lessons in lighting and editing, and spare yourself the inevitable drama and pain you'd otherwise endure. If you're still intent on joining the class, demand a syllabus from her on the first day; if she refuses, turn her into the Film department coordinator or your adviser. She demands exceptional organization; she can lead by example.
  4. This class is hard as hell. Hope is very knowledgeable, but hasn't been around Midd for that long. As such, she still has a few things to figure out...like giving kids a syllabus. The class was very small, which made it more fun, but it was really, really rigorous. I'd take a class with her again only if she chilled out a little bit.

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