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American Film Genres

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Professor: Grindon, L.

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  4. I do not recommend taking this class unless you know how to speak and write like a political science major. You definitely do alot of BS on this course, in terms of how you explain and describe the film genre. Many students fell asleep during the professor's speech, and discussion is no brainer. People just answer straight out of the week's reading and not many people participate actively. This was the worst class, despite I received an A and you will hate reading the articles. In addition, you only use the textbook only 2 or 3 times in the whole semester.
  5. Most of the reviews here are negative. I would say that I did not enjoy genre analysis as much as a more inclusive, historical and auter based approach. With that said the class was interesting, the films were fun, and the reading was very doable. The tests are taken right from the weekly questions and it is totally possible to get a good grade. Prob a lot of people tried to do nothing and get by. That won't work, but if you put in a little effort, it's worth it. The class won't be stressful.
  6. This is a weird class. First of all, the midterm and final are definitely not very easy, though if you study and pay attention you're fine. The class is very boring overall. The thing is, you will spend 80% of the semester doing absolutely nothing (zero) this class...few people do the readings, meaning just show up to class. But the other 20% will be intense (studying for midterm and final, and doing your response movie and the final paper), especially since you have to make up for all the time you (will) slack off. If you want an easy class that just requires occasional cramming, take it. You do learn some things, I found I look at movies in a different way, but overall not that valuable of a class. Professor's a nice guy, though.
  7. the class sounds interesting but although the proff is a nice guy, he makes the material rather dull..he is always available for help but when you meet with him, he does not give you the advice needed..if you simply want to learn about american film genres, search the web and save time...not much work in the class if you are lookin for an easy one..midterm and finals extremely easy
  8. I didn't get much out of this class. Lectures and discussions didn't further my knowledge of the material.

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