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American Film Genres

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Professor: Grindon, L.

Value of Course / Overall Score

Not Much (62.5%
Average (25%)
Valuable (12.5%)


Friendly (37.5%)
Average (50%)
Competitive (12.5%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (25%)
Average (50%)
Fascinating (25%)

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1-2hr (50%)
3-5hr (37.5%)
6-8hr (0%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (12.5%)

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Harder (62.5%)
Average (0%)
Easier (37.5%)

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Yes (75%)
No (25%)

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Yes (12.5%)
No (87.5%)

Evaluation Comments for Grindon, L.

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  3. Good lord, don't take this class. It's really distressing that the film department is so small and this guy thus has to teach 25 percent of the available classes. He's very nice--and very eloquent. But his lectures are really dry, both in content and in delivery.
  4. Grindon requires a lot of readings for the class, none of which are necessary as he will cover everything in the readings during lecture, therefore don't do the readings. He is a strict grader and has his own interesting methods of determining grades, if you are looking for an easy A this is not the class. A relatively easy B, however is quie easy to get. Fun films but otherwise not generally an interesting class.
  5. Be sure you are interested in the nitty-gritty of film theory...the movies were great but the readings were heinous, as were Grindon's expectations for papers.
  6. The class is extremely straightforward - the midterm and final exam are actually based on questions Grindon actually gives and answers over the course of the class. Grindon, however, is not the most captivating or engaging professor.
  7. Strange class...Grindon is a really eloquent lecturer and a really nice guy, but the subject matter was so boring and inconsequential that I found myself dozing off. We watched good movies, but all the genre theory essays and weekly readings were really dry, not to mention pointless. There was nothing we learned that couldn't be covered in a bit of online reading. Also, there is virtually no work class to class--students write one paper and guide one discussion group, both on the same movie. Then there are straightforward term papers and a midterm (that he gives the questions for throughout the term). As a result, you literally can be asleep for every class and not do any reading and still pull a good grade, since none of it really matters for anthing. However, it isn't an easy class, as Grindon's a really tough (fair, but tough) grader. I got A-'s and B+'s with very few criticisms or explanations. But Professor Grindon is very kind and helpful and willing to change grades and provide help. Grindon was great; the subject matter was not. And the workload, or lack thereof, just contributed to an overall strange experience.
  8. Don't bother unless it is for a major and you're willing to get harshly graded.

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