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Music in World Cultures

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Professor: Post J

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Not Much (33.3%
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Boring (66.7%)
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Harder (16.7%)
Average (50%)
Easier (33.3%)

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Yes (83.3%)
No (16.7%)

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Yes (83.3%)
No (16.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Post J

  1. this was an AMAZING class that really opened my eyes to a lot of other cultures. i would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone that wants a real liberal arts education. post is a very intelligent professor that doesnt expect very much out of you. there can be a lot of reading, but in the end, you only need to do some of it. there are generally group projects due in discussion (one-page paper and a presentation) at the end of each week, but they take minimal effort. i would highly recommend this class if you're looking for something easy, fascinating, and a good grade.
  2. Lots of little assignments, but the material was sweet and Post is awesome. Too bad she's leaving.
  3. After hearing so much about this class I was excited to take it. It turned out to be a lot of busy work, a professor who gave halfassed lectures, demanded a lot of studying for her exam, and a lot of individual effort to find out about the topics we were assigned. She was often on the verge of tears, had a nevours tick laugh, and accused the class of trying to breeze through and not working hard enough because we didn't undersand what she was talking about. Then, on the last day of classes she didn't hand out course evaluations, why, because she didn't recieve tenure last year and is leaving at the end of the spring semester. Mystery solved. She is a lame duck professor who is taking her bitterness out on students.
  4. The topics themselves are great, but the lectures aren't too exciting. What makes the class a lot of fun is that you actually get to do the stuff you talk about -- workshops with musicians from all over the world and lots of great concerts. It's interesting stuff, so you can't go too wrong, and if you're looking for a class that won't stress you out at all, this is the one.
  5. There is a lot of interesting material presented in this class, but there is not a lot of pressure. It is a good class for someone who wants to do something useful with his or her time, but can't handle too much more work.
  6. there were 3 group projects, each with a 2-3 page paper afterward. there are 2 longer papers for the class, as well as a midterm and final exam. the exams werent hard as long as you came to class and did the readings. it wasnt hard to do well on the papers, especially if you let her know you put effort into them. this was a good class, with not too much work involved.

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