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Global Popular Music

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  1. This course is a first year seminar. As a result, it was really really easy--a good thing. We only met twice a week, so the course seemed to lack any real structure. Often, we would end up watching films and documentaries. While the subject material was actually quite interesting, we were not really forced to learn much. There were no tests and she did not insist on our using our knowledge in any way. As a result, I gained a familiarity with the realm of global popular music, but that is all. I did not learn about musicians or musical technique of a region in any depth at all. The selling point of the course is that you are exposed to lots of intriging music from around the world. Also, it is easy and that is always nice. This person also suggested: I think the course needs more structure. I wish we had learned about the different cultures individually--one at a time--and learned in depth about their instruments, their styles, and their leaders. Also, the reading should either be used or thrown away. We would often read it and never talk about it in class.

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