[MUSC 0260]
Music Theory II: Diatonic Theory

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Professor: Hamlin, P

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  2. Professor Hamlin is a gem. He is interesting, and he cares about his students. He grades very generously, but you do have to put in a fair amount of work for the class. However, the work always facilitates understanding of the material. Great class atmosphere, and you will learn a lot!
  3. This is what college courses should be. The professor is knowledgable, passionate, and fun to learn from and the class environment is low stress. We are given weekly problem sets/exercises to accomplish plus an overarching composition project to utilize what we learn. The work is considerable compared to other "low stress" courses, but a great deal is learned and does not feel like a lot of work. Grading is generally fair and even on the generous side. He generally grades homeworks generously, exams fairly, and projects fairly. His finalg rade however, is extremely generous (if your grade totals to a B+, you will get an A-). From a course evaluation standpoint, this is not lways good, but from a students standpoint, this course is a must-take.
  4. I really enjoyed this class with Professor Hamlin. The class was small and had a good atmosphere. Professor Hamlin was really enthusiastic and the listening and playing of pieces made the theory a lot more interesting.

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