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Music Theory I: Fundamentals

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Professor: Tan, S.

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  1. I love Su! She's brilliant. She's aslo hilarious. Several times throughout the semester I found myself laughing out loud at her jokes. She also randomly mixes in life lessons, which usually are quite fascinating. This class is easy if you have a background in music, otherwise you'll get lost pretty quickly.
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  4. I love Su Tan. She is a brilliant and wonderful person. That being said, her teaching style is a little difficult to understand. We covered a lot of material in a relatively hap-hazzard way. Exams were really difficult, considering the fact that the course is supposed to be for students who are just beginning with music theory. If you are simply taking the class to get an ARTS requirement out of the way, I wouldn't recommend it. If you are already very skilled in music theory and just want to brush on some things, you'll be fine. If you are completely new however, I wouldn't recommend this class.
  5. Su Tan is an experience. Truly an experience. She is a musical genius (wikipedia her) with some of the craziest stories I've ever heard. But she is so caught up in her genius-musical-world she doesn't know how to effectively teach basic concepts, she can't help herself from making them more complicated than they need to be, which can be very overwhelming at times. I think I learned everything I need to know for the test from the workbook, but was still entertained and inspired by her unrelated stories and lectures on complicated concepts we didn't need to know that took up most of class time. I would take a class with Su or at least try to meet her, but maybe wait to take this particular one with Hamlin unless you have a very good musical background.
  6. Su is a bit nuts in the best sense possible and certainly animates the class fully. But she moves quickly to cover the topics so those with little to no music background can get lost quickly. Those with a lot of music background may think it is way too easy. Su gives a bunch of take-home worksheets, hold a few quizzes (one pop-exam, though), and expects work to be done in the giant workbook. Final exam quite exhaustive. Consider taking this class just for Su's entertainment value but also to gain a general understanding of the fundamentals of music.

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