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Towards Liberated Expression

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Professor: Ladimer B

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  1. This was my first French class at Midd, after two years of high school French. It was a great transition between a memorization-of-vocabulary class in high school to being forced to discuss films and readings in French on a college level. Yeah, Ladimer is pretty insane, but in a lovable, quirky way.
  2. professor ladimer is a very caring, helpful, all-around great professor. the novel we read was pretty difficult reading, but the vocab and grammar was all review of everything we've done before in high school french (and if you've taken 203). the class was fun, and was't too harsh as far as work assigned and tests.
  3. Ladimer is a decent professor. Not super-enthusiastic or charismatic, but competent and gets the job done. The course itself is very well-designed and the readings and material are interesting. It does a good job of improving your French through fairly painless activities. Having had a few years in highschool, it definitely brought me up to speed with college-level French. It basically brushes up your grammar, writing, speaking and listening so you're ready for upper-level literature classes. I found the workload pretty difficult but manageable. If you took 4 years in highschool you'll be fine.
  4. Though I have taken 4 years of high school french, I don't think I was quite ready for this class. It is challenging, but necessary. If you haven't spoken much french, beware it will be quite a challenge
  5. No Comment
  6. Ladimer's class was fairly decent. She can be quite good, but we didn't really have many discussions Her tests aren't too hard. I took French in high school, and this was just a tiny step above that. If you're looking for an earth-shattering french class, this isn't it
  7. The material in this class isn't fascinating (in particular the awful novel you have to read), and it was somewhat intimidating after having taken a year-long break from French in high school. Professor Ladimer is also a bit insane, but I still found that my writing/reading skills in French (but not speaking) had improved enormously after this class.
  8. It's unfortunate that this class is required to continue in French; I found that I'd learned next to nothing by the end of the semester. Ladimer's a little crazy - she's a really nice, really understanding lady, but totally disorganized. In class, there's no teaching, we just go over the (unstimulating) homework. I am no longer interested in French.
  9. This class was a challenge. I took French in high school and middle school, and I find it difficult. The class was challenging mostly because it is a course that is meant to nit-pick your grammar and writing. Professor Ladimer is great outside of the class and is usually accessible. The major reading and the main movie are not interesting at all. Some smaller pieces are. However, a lot of the work feels like busy work.
  10. This was an interesting course but there was a fair amount of work involved. Professor Ladmier is a good professor and a great person. I found this class fairly difficult because I had no contact with the French language for 11 months before taking this course. However, it is a good course and I recommend it to people continuing french.

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