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Identity in French Literature

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Professor: Ladimer B

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  2. While I doubt there's any way to make the material taught in this class interesting, Ladimer didn't really do much to help the class environment. I left this class at the end of the semester without feeling like I could have a casual conversation with anyone I didn't already know at the beginning of the semester. This was probably because participation was virtually nonexistent. I dreaded coming to this class because the course material was dry, the class was dead, and Ladimer, try as she might, couldn't do anything about it. She seems like a nice woman, but I always felt somewhat distant from her as a professor, much more so than every other class I've taken at Midd. She always seemed a bit frazzled. One of the most frustrating parts of this class is it allows for virtually no original thought on the essays. You're asked to make an outline, which you put time and energy into, and then you come into class and you're told what to write about. Kind of a purposeless concept. Unfortunately there may be no way out of taking this class, but be prepared for a long semester.
  3. Ladimer was okay, not too great. Most of the stuff we read was pretty boring, although not overly long. Class discussions were lacking, I thought.
  4. Ladimer was a great teacher who was clearly interested in the material, however classes were pretty boring at the beginning of the semester with poetry every day. When we started with novels there was a lot of reading but it was more interesting. There wasn't much writing or speaking required; most of the class never said a word all semester. She graded papers and exams pretty harshly but had some good advice. Overall it was a pretty boring course but don't expect to get an A unless you work extremely hard.
  5. Take this course if it is being offered with Madame Ladimer. She is a truly fascinating teacher, possessed of a rare ability to make the material come alive. She is always available outside of class for advice on papers or coursework which is assigned moderately and graded very fairly. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve one's writing in French. At the risk of sounding flowery, French 210 made me fall in love with French literature and prepared me adequately for the 221. Works read included great poems by Du Bellay, Ronsard, La Fontaine, Hugo, Vigny, and bien sur notre cher Baudelaire...The longer works were challenging but certainly not too hard. After all, Moliere, Prevost, Maupassant are writers for all time. However, in closing I would like to again emphasize what a informative and interest professor Madame Ladimer is. I highly recommend her.
  6. Ladimer is a friendly, approachable professor. This class was very straightforward, and a good introduction to French literature. There was a good deal of reading, but not a whole lot of writing, and she is a fair grader. I got very bored in the beginning of the semester when we spent a lot of time on poetry, but after that the pace picked up. She will like you if you participate, but will never call on you unless you volunteer. I'm pretty sure about half the class never spoke a word of French in class. It would have been nice if there was a bit more speaking required.
  7. Madame Ladimer did the best she could to present the material designated for this class. There have been a lot of complaints about the dull and non-engaging class atmosphere, which made for poor discussion and practice of speaking. Nevertheless, what I took the most out of this class was a foundation of skills on how to properly write a French essay, which, as some may know, is a lot different from writing a critical essay by common American standards. Madame Ladimer could have given better feedback on how to improve my writing, but the assignments themselves were helpful in grounding my essay-writing skills. However, sometimes I felt like she graded me a bit harshly on some of my essays. Overall, Madame Ladimer is a friendly and approachable woman, but I only felt that my writing skills improved, and not my reading and speaking skills.
  8. This class was the most awkward class I've ever taken. I learned a LOT about writing essays in French and was exposed to some quality literature; however, the class was silent. DEAD SILENT. I'm not sure if this atmosphere was due to Ladimer's teaching style, or the fact that no one did the readings, but I really think she tried to engage the class a lot but NOBODY would ever answer questions at all. She is extremely nice and obviously very keen when it comes to French history. Poetry was boring, and the texts were kind of boring too, but hey, it's old French lit, so what can you expect?

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