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Introduction to Contemporary France

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Professor: Schwartz P

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Not Much (42.9%
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Friendly (64.3%)
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Competitive (14.3%)

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Boring (28.6%)
Average (71.4%)
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1-2hr (78.6%)
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6-8hr (7.1%)
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Harder (21.4%)
Average (0%)
Easier (78.6%)

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No (85.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Schwartz P

  1. Easy class, hard to stay awake, basically just listening to French and no practice speaking....on the other hand it was stress free and only twice a week
  2. This class taught me a good deal about French culture, politics, and education. I also improved my listening skills in French. HOWEVER, I lost most of the French speaking skills I had, and it was virtually impossible to stay awake during this class. Basically the professor just lectures at you for an hour and 15 minutes and you try not to let her see you staring at the clock. That said, it was an easy class with minimal work (readings to skim every week, 3 essays, 2 super easy midterms, and an easy final) and no stress.
  3. No Comment
  4. No Comment
  5. This class was miserable... so boring, by far the worse class I've taken at Middlebury. It was really basic, boring information, tedious discussions. My french definitely got worse
  6. This was an interesting, valuable class. The content is timely and pertinent, and Professor Schwartz is a clear and organized lecturer. I wouldn't say that the class was outrageously stimulating, but it was interesting. The tests and papers are very clear and straightforward. Professor Schwartz is very nice, friendly and has a good sense of humor. I'd recommend it for sure.
  7. okay class. boring at times. prof. schwartz is really nice but lectures go on forever. at least it's only 2 times a week...
  8. don't take this class if you don't have to. it's by far the worst class i've taken here. it's soooo boring that i just ended up falling asleep most of the times. there's no homework, so that's nice. at the same time though, i lost all my french during this class. oh, and the discussion was just annoying as hell. totally agree with the first comment posted.
  9. It is useful information and stuff that i am glad i know, but i didnt necessarily enjoy learning it.
  10. This class is an easy class, you learn about the french and their culture, and a lot of other interesting stuff. Hoemwork is minimal, exams are easy and the professor is nice and friendly. I'm very glad i took this class. If you want to be a smartass and whine about not improving your writing, then I would recommend another class. If you're down for a nice light class, take this one.
  11. Overall the class was pretty good but she's such a hard grader; I dont know how the hell anyone could get an A without putting some work in it. I did the readings at least twice for every class and i still got a B+!!! I guess if she doesn't like you; there's no way you can get an A, _sad;;;
  12. This class is useful for people planning to study abroad who have no previous knowledge of France. It explains a lot about the French political and social institutions and things such as work habits and the education system that are useful for those intending to spend extended time in France. However, the class was boring as all get out. If I actually went to class I didnt spend too much time paying attention to what was going on and I will still get an A. There is little work invovled, a few small test, a journal based on newspaper articles and otherwise that's it. It is also remarkably easy to not read for any class session because you will almost never be called upon to talk. So in sum, if you're up for an easy class and can deal with the fact that it is boring and you won't get much of anything gramatical out of it (which isn't the point of the class btw, the point of the class isn't to teach passe compose, it's to teach you about living in contemporary France) then I say go for it. If you want your every moment to be full of stimulation and having an easy grade doesn't do it for you than I would look elsewhere.
  13. Do not take this class. It was by far the worst and most boring class I have taken at Middlebury. Staying awake was the biggest challenge I faced. My French got exponentially worse because of this class.
  14. This is probably one of the worst classes I have taken at Middlebury, so so boring, fell asleep in every single class. Lost all the French I had learnt so far, and lost all the interest for the country that I ever had. The students did not get to talk enough, and however much I hate writing in French, we did nothing, making my written French even worse.... Take another French course, you will get nothing out of this. This person also suggested: Let the students talk more, that's the only way to learn.....

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