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Intensive Intermediate French

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Professor: Nunley, C.

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Not Much (6.7%
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Average (66.7%)
Competitive (33.3%)

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Boring (93.3%)
Average (6.7%)
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1-2hr (13.3%)
3-5hr (26.7%)
6-8hr (60%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (13.3%)
Average (13.3%)
Easier (73.3%)

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Evaluation Comments for Nunley, C.

  1. Professor Nunley is a simply fantastic professor and person - even though this class was at 8AM five days a week, he made it worth it. He really cares about every student, and will make sure you can't hide. The amout of material was a little overwhelming at times, as the class certainly was "intensive." Taking this class will definitely improve your French skills, and I'd recommend taking it with Nunley if at all possible.
  2. Nunley is a great professor and has been teaching French for years. He enjoys having a good time in the classroom. Make sure you're on time, though: he's very punctual and frequently starts class a few minutes early.
  3. Professor Nunley is wonderful. He is smart, funny, charming, helpful, and fair. He makes it so fun to learn French, and if you do the work, you will do well. He is also very willing to help and very enthusiastic. Highly recommended--he's easily my favorite professor and I'm waiting for the chance to take another class with him!
  4. Nunley makes it impossible to fall asleep in class. He is energetic, funny, and always open to new ideas to make French fun.
  5. Nunley is the best.
  6. Nunley is one of those great professors who are at the same time modest, which makes him that much better. I have never been that awake or attentive in the mornings until this class; it is a grammar-oriented course so it's rather hard to imagine it being fun but I truly had a great time. His laughs or exclamation noises are the best. I love Nunley and can't wait until I can take other courses with him. Also, very helpful with advices not pertaining to specifically the course but with other school-related problems. A counselor, a teacher, and a friend.
  7. Nunley is an incredible professor. He's always available for help and his passion for the French language and culture shines through in his teaching. He's a very fair grader and truly wants all of his students to learn the language as best as they can. Take this class!
  8. Prof Nunley is simply excellent. I REALLY enjoyed this course, he is very enthusiastic, and funny.. plus, I never fell asleep or got bored in class. We did have homework everyday though, and he always collected it. Anyway, Prof Nunley is smart, fair, always available to help if you need it, and he is patient if you don't understand something. Don't think about it twice, just take this course.
  9. Professor Nunley is very enthusiastic and has a lot of energy in his teaching. Very engaging... Considering this class is mostly grammar it was exceptionally interesting. Highly recomend taking c classes with this professor.
  10. Blah
  11. you need to do all the work just to keep up, but charles is a really cool, enthusiastic teacher. Don't miss class more than twice a month.
  12. Nunley is enthusiastic and makes class fun. He's the best language teacher I've ever had, and my favorite professor at Middlebury so far!
  13. Nunley is a great prof - funny, engaging, and intelligent. He truly cares about his students and wants us to suceed. This was a wonderful way to supplement my high school french.
  14. Sometimes I don't understand where all that energy comes from so early in the morning. He is a great professor that is always willing to help, and he is incredibly friendly.
  15. Even though the class times weren't so great (825AM TTR 905AM MWF), I thought Nunley and his teaching methods a great way to start the day. As a professor, he is humble, great, and most importantly, caring. He is quite strict about punctuality and absences so if you think you will not be able to handle waking up early well, try to look for another section; however, Nunley is definitely worth the stress of waking up earlier. Course load wise, it's quite handful seeing you will have homework every day. But, if you are decent in the French language and read the textbook, follow classwork, and listen to his lectures, it will be relatively an easy course. Having never had a great French teacher before Nunley,I was surprised at how much fun this language could be. I am now glad that I decided to give French another try and it was with Nunley. Like any other class, push yourself and you will be rewarded with a better grasp on the language. An easy course.

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