[FREN 0203]
Intensive Intermediate French

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Professor: Humbert B

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  1. No Comment
  2. This class will get the job done but in terms of it being interesting I would hold out for a different professor.
  3. Humbert's lively demeanor made this class enjoyable for me. The fact that sse kept the class awake at 8 AM is amazing. As far as the quality of her teaching, I really found her approach to grammar very effective (which is great since this entire class is about grammar). If you have a chance to take Humbert, do it. You won't regret it.
  4. Humbert is a wonderful prof who makes what would be boring material very fun to learn. The class size is great and since you see these people every day you make good friends with them. Definitely take this class. Highly recommended!
  5. Madame Humbert makes an otherwise boring class, alot of fun.
  6. Mme Humbert is a great professor, but there's only so much she can do if students don't participate. Even if it is an early class, I would recommend that you speak up and answer her questions because that is the only way your french will improve. My class didn't participate enough and as a result we didn't get the most out of Mme Humbert like we could have.
  7. Professor Humbert is an amazing professor. She made this class so much fun, which is good since it's every day. It's pretty much an overview of basic grammar. She makes sure you really understand it.
  8. Brings humor to the otherwise mundane subject of French Grammar.

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