[FREN 0221]
From Romanticism to Modernism

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Professor: Humbert B

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  1. Professor Humbert is extremely nice, helpful, and engaging in class. Although the material presented can be a bit boring if you aren't into French literature, the class with Humbert is much more enjoyable than it could otherwise be.
  2. Madame Humbert's constant enthusiasm and sense of humor kept the class lively and fun, and she encouraged discussion among students, which improved my conversation skills. There weren't enough major writing assignments to really perfect my written French, but it was useful to learn the proper structure for French literary analyses. The works we studied had a tendency to be depressing and strange, but the discussions in class revealed so many interesting aspects of them that I couldn't help but enjoy discussions. The films we watched as companions to the reading were helpful and interesting; Mme Humbert teaches a French film class as well, so her knowledge of these works is quite extensive. Overall, an interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable class!
  3. Great course. Glad I took it with Humbert.

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