[FREN 0101]
Beginning French Part One

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Professor: Humbert B

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Evaluation Comments for Humbert B

  1. Humbert is a great professor. She is always enthusiastic (which is an essential quality in a 101 language professor), and regularly switches up her teaching methods keeping this class interesting. The course content is good. You learn the basics of the language, and you don't have to do THAT much work outside of class. If you keep on top of homework (doing 30 mins or so a night) you should be fine with this course. Highly recommended.
  2. I really liked Mdme Humbert. She was energetic, had a sense of humor, and really wanted us to learn French. It was a lot to have 5 classes, language table, and pronunciation class each week. I would recommend the class with Humbert, just make sure you keep the conversation in French (the few times I asked her questions in English she got snippy).
  3. "Intensive" is right. I was exhausted after a week's work. Looking to ski in J-Term- don't take a language.

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