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Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture

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Professor: Moran, T.

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  2. This is one of the best classes I have ever taken at Midd. Mu occasionally assigns a ton of work, but he pushes his students to think and talk about modern issues and literature in a very different way than I've seen before. I loved most novels we read for the class, but the films Mu Laoshi chose to pick are mostly slow paced films that can really annoy you. Best part of the course is analyzing the Tiananmen Square Protests. Mu is amazing!
  3. This was the best class I have taken at Middlebury. If you are interested in China, this class is much more than a literature class. it incorporates film, TV, internet fiction, Tienanmen Square, and the future of Chinese society. Professor Moran is incredibly knowledgeable about each of these topics, and seems to know most of the people we studied personally. Moran is also one of the best white Chinese speakers in the world. Classes are very discussion oriented, and he encourages all sorts of opinions and is very understanding of them all. If you are thinking of Mu Laoshi from first year Chinese, he is not scary at all in this class. Take this if you can get in!

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