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Acting I: Beginning Acting

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Professor: Draper, A.

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  2. A really lovely class! We studied Stanislavski and read compelling plays, all of which turned out to be interesting reading material. Professor Draper's direction in scene preparation is incredibly helpful. If you take the class, don't forget about those journal entries!
  3. Draper is a great actor and a great teacher. I found myself looking forward to this class, after the first week or two of initial nervousness. I am an extremely self-conscious person, but by the third week I found myself performing in front of other people with great confidence. I learned a lot about myself in this class, and would recommend it to anyone, even people who have no experience in acting.
  4. I took this class for fun and I didn't regret it. A great class for fulfilling that ART requirement.
  5. Draper is such an easy-going professor. But not easy, per se. He expects that you do your work and you do it well. The class is made up of an acting journal (two entries a week), a character analysis (mid-term), and two scenes with a partner. Draper's daughter, Nora, is also adorable and he loves her dearly.
  6. Professor Draper runs an excellent class. He is fun and easy to work with. As long as you complete your work, the class is very easy. If you have ever thought about acting, please take this class. You will have lots of fun and not have to work too hard.
  7. This class is fun and gets you up and moving around. Warm ups are really enjoyable. Draper is really cool, easygoing, and helpful. Definitely great class to take to take care of a distribution.
  8. Alex is great. He's terrible about responding to emails, though, so make sure if you have questions you meet with him in person -- or make the subject line of your email really appealing. Often he will read your email and forget to get back to you until the next class.
  9. Acting 1 was fun, easy, and interesting. Your classmates are what make this course--if you all let loose, you'll have a ball. Draper is incredibly intelligent, knowing a TON about the subject matter. However, I felt that he wasn't always the most available professor (a few of my emails went unanswered). Regardless, a fun introduction to something I had had little experience with.
  10. Prof. Draper does an excellent job of working from any level of acting experience. Even if you have never acted before, take this class! It helps build self-confidence as well as stamina. The first few minutes of each class are spent in a warm-up that I always greatly enjoy. Draper is simply an excellent prof. who knows how to give constructive criticism that truly helps.
  11. professor draper may know what he is doing, but he doesn't show it in this class. No personality problems of conflicts, the class is just too large and does not meet often enough for the level of personal coaching and training necessary for a first year acting course. And if you do decide to take it, watch out for his "journal" assignments because he gave a lot of us much lower grades than we expected with that flimsy excuse.

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