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The Creative Process

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Professor: Draper, A.

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Not Much (45.5%
Average (36.4%)
Valuable (18.2%)


Friendly (9.1%)
Average (36.4%)
Competitive (54.5%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (81.8%)
Average (9.1%)
Fascinating (9.1%)

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1-2hr (36.4%)
3-5hr (45.5%)
6-8hr (9.1%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (9.1%)

Grade Weighting

Harder (27.3%)
Average (9.1%)
Easier (63.6%)

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Yes (81.8%)
No (18.2%)

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Yes (54.5%)
No (45.5%)

Evaluation Comments for Draper, A.

  1. this class is worst for any logical thinkers. It demands you to be outside of the box. But if you can act like a goose or a goat infront of people,then you may as well get a B in this class. Good luck on being stupid.
  2. this class is far too time-consuming for its non-academic nature. the actual class time was really fun, but there was a lot of reading, journal entries, and work for performance projects. i was pretty burned out by the end of the semester. also, it really was a lot about what prof. draper was looking for in our projects. if you weren't thinking along the same lines as him, it could be really frustrating. the only real reason to take this course is to get over stage fright.
  3. This class is mostly a waste of time, in the sense that after the first couple of weeks, unless there is a strong personal interest in arts and inventive activities, nothing much happens. It can be time consuming because of the journal entrances... the key idea is understanding what draper wants from you and doing it, even if you don't like it.
  4. my favorite class ever ever ever. i still don't know exactly what we did, but it was GREAT. this is a class for people who want to be creative (go figure the course title), and who want to be introspective. TAKE THIS CLASS.
  5. This course was amazing, I'm a geography major and I thought that draper's class was a wonderful escape from my other classes. There isn't much work for the class and it's only challenging in that it pushes you to put yourself out there. If you actually try and participate in class you will definitely get a good grade.
  6. I honestly liked the course. It is a nice course to get away from normal "midd" courses, and it is good to use the other part of the brain. Seriously, try a little bit and show effort... He will give you a good grade. If you think this is a waste of time, he will see that in you and give you a bad grade.
  7. Alex is a great professor. This class is great because of the variety of things one does. More than anything else I think this class helps one to be more comfortable in situations that seemed frightening, especially when it comes to feeling embarrassed (when having to sing in front of the class for example). More than anything, though, this class was a lot of fun.
  8. this is the most amazing course I've ever taken---we keep acting, moving, dancing, singing...just do everything interesting
  9. In this class, you won't learn much and it's waste of your money.
  10. I felt Professor Draper was nice, but this class felt like a waste of time. I really can't tell you what I took away from the course. It wasn't hard, and it didn't require much work for the most part. So, if you need a filler course or something maybe not a bad idea, but at the end everyone seemed really frustrated and felt like a lot of what we were doing was BS.
  11. I would not say that this class is "an easy A" like so many people seem to think. Draper is an excellent prof. who is devoted to his work, and he takes assignments seriously. While this class offers a nice break from the "left-brain" work of other Midd. classes, it is demanding. Four journal entries must be made each week (page each), reading selections are often long and dense, and out-of-class time is needed to draw as well as to write, rehearse, and perform skits/scenes. All in all, I really appreciated this class, but I believe its effect varies according to how much a student is willing to commit to the experience.

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