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The Creative Process

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Professor: Medieros Claudio

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  2. Claudio is an amazing teacher and so funny. The class is very interesting and really helps you express your true self. I would DEFINATELY recommend this class to anyone with a hard schedule that wants a fun and somewhat relaxing class.
  3. Amazing experience!
  4. Although Midd kids love to call the Creative Process a "joke" class, Claudio teaches the course in a way that opens your mind to new realms of thought. The class is more psychological, analytical, and philosophical than theatrical. In fact, none of the kids in my class were actors; most of us were looking for a fun, laid back class to take (some students just wanted to fulfill an Arts credit), but by the end of the semester our class had bonded together, and everyone admitted to having learned a TON from Claudio. It's worth taking the class just to spend time with the professor; he's amazing! Be ready to work; he grades solely on effort, so no bullshit works in this course. If you take the class seriously, you'll enjoy it and learn more than you'd expect from a course titled "the Creative Process".
  5. I took this class just for the ART distribution credit and was generally skeptical about this whole arty farty business. But I came out learning a lot about both performance and myself. The performances were all autobiographical and it was soo fun doing them. He had us write journals - just write fairly long entries and actually think at least a little.

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