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Newtonian Physics

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Professor: Watson

Value of Course / Overall Score

Not Much (7.7%
Average (50%)
Valuable (42.3%)


Friendly (16%)
Average (48%)
Competitive (36%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (48%)
Average (48%)
Fascinating (4%)

Prep Time Needed

1-2hr (20%)
3-5hr (36%)
6-8hr (40%)
9-11hr (4%)
12+ hr (0%)

Grade Weighting

Harder (64%)
Average (0%)
Easier (36%)

Adequate Assistance

Yes (87.5%)
No (12.5%)

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Yes (46.2%)
No (53.8%)

Evaluation Comments for Watson

  1. Watson is super nice and she doesn't want to kill anyone with her course. I had never taken any physics in my life and this course was not too bad for me. I had to study and so forth, but I got a decent grade in the end. Also, she actually cares about you as a human being and becomes friendlier during labs. Labs are a piece of cake. Problem sets are do-able and test you need to study for. Average Test Grade is roughly a B.
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  7. This course is your basic high school physics class except in a college setting where you determine how much work you want to put in. Lectures are pretty boring, Labs are very easy, and tests are harder than the material presented in class. Do the practice tests. Certainly not an easy A but overall a good course to take to get a science credit out of the way.
  8. I'll tell you exactly how it is: * Lectures are mainly proofs that arent really necessary (All you need to do is study the book) * labs are an easy A. I repeat, labs are easy *Problem setshave questions that you are not preparerd for based on what you learn in class and read from the book. Work in a group and also go to see her (if you go to see her you will be able to get any problems that you have trouble with) *Tests are soooooooo much harder than the problem sets. You will get frustrated during the tests because they will seem very hard. *Overall watson is a poor lecturer but good if you see her. Labs will def boost your grade and problem sets may hurt or help. Tests (the most weighted part of the class) are made too difficult. *hope this helps
  9. The professor was not very helpful when it came to finals time, she told us not to bother her outside of one office hour. Also, TA graders corrected all problem sets, but had different standards than Watson did for the tests, making the standards of evaluation unfair.
  10. Starts off like your high school physics class, but then it gets pretty dificult
  11. Be prepared to work your ass!
  12. By far the worst and most boring sience course I've taken as an MBB major. The lectures are boring and I found it extremely difficult to get up for this class in the mornig. The labs are very boring and kind of silly. You really can get the same ammount out of this class by reading the book in two days. At some times the professor was not understanding or friendly. Above all this, you still have to do boring and repetitive homework problems everyweek. Unless you really have to, don't take this course, or try to with another professor.
  13. Tests and problem sets can be difficult because she only covers concepts and derivations of equations in class, not how to solve practical problems. The questions on the tests are significantly harder than on the problem sets so watch out. Labs are tough but get with a solid, productive group and your lab grades will be in the upper 90s. oh and she will go out of her way to know everyone's name and break down the anomitity of traditional large classes which is cool.
  14. Difficult but rewarding class. if you took physics in high school, DONT expect to cruise though the course. Watson was one my favorite teachers at middlebury. her demonstrations were fascinating, and she was very approachable. Sometimes the labs seemed like a waste of time, but they were pretty doable. Watch out for the exams though- the exam problems are often much harder than the ones you do in class and in homework. Overall, great class and excellent professor.
  15. No one teachs you how to do the only thing you are tested on- problems. This was a rough course.
  16. Susan's great, very approachable. She knows her stuff and explains it well. Lecture is not a regurgitation of the textbook, you do have to read it, but it compliments the text well. Labs are interesting and laid back, every other lab period is spent going over problems and once the lab's finished (well before the lab period is over) Susan is available for more questions.
  17. Awesome professor who knows her stuff.
  18. Professor Watson is a very good professor and makes you THINK in lecture by giving you multiple choice questions during class. She is a very approachable professor and willing to help outside of class during her office hours. Susan Watson is a very fair and reasonable person.
  19. Interesting class with cool demonstrations.
  20. Watson didn't TEACH!! We almost never went over problems in class and they were all we were evaluated on. The experience led me to loathe physics.
  21. This professor is great, and the material applies to everyday life. I reccommend this course.
  22. Exams were impossible. She doesn't go over how to do problems in class, which makes the problem sets and exams frustratingly difficult. Don't take it unless you absolutely need to.
  23. Labs were really easy. Problem sets (one per week) were sometimes difficult, but were not a huge percentage of grade. the first midterm was REALLY easy, especially compared to the second midterm and final, which were really hard. prof watson's lectures as well as most of the text book problems were at a much more basic level than her exam problems were.
  24. I loved taking this class with Watson. Concepts that I did not understand in high school suddenly made sense in this class. Exams are tough...much tougher than any problems you see beforehand, but she is really great about partial credit and curving. Really take advantage of Watson's office hours and extra help sessions if you have questions; she really wants to help you understand the material.
  25. I took the class as a requirement and found it very difficult, especially because it seemed like much of the class had taken physics in high school, which I hadn't. Nonetheless, Prof. Watson is very available and willing to help. Labs are fun. Exams are difficult... I had to study a ton for them but she is an exceedingly fair grader. On the second midterm I don't think any of my numerical answers were right but my procedures were and I still got an 85 on the exam. If you don't have a great physical intuition, the class is hard, but worthwhile nonetheless.
  26. Tests were HARD. Test problems were much more difficult than homework or class problems. However, Susan does award partial credit. Labs were easy.

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